Published: November 30, 2012 Updated: 01/25/13 7:01 AM

Doe Mountain Trails Recent News

The Tomahawk, January 23, 2013: Doe Mountain Board of Authority announces Doe Mountain Recreation Area logo contest for area Middle and High School students.

The Tomahawk, January 2, 2013: Controversy Comes to Doe Mountain Tennessee.  Harbin Hill residents register concerns about noise and traffic.  Also discussed: adventure tourism issues; official website; soft opening spring 2013.

The, December 28, 2012: Doe Mountain Trails makes the "Tennessee Tourism What's New List" for 2013.

The Tomahawk, December 26, 2012: Johnson County commissioners given Graphical Information Systems (GIS) presentation by Dr. Tina Delahunty showing 25 miles of existing trails on Doe Mountain and potential new trail routes.

The Tomahawk, November 28, 2012:  Doe Mountain Recreation Authority kicks off with first meeting.  The 15 member Doe Mountain Authority includes Frank Arnold, Carolyn Wilson Hawkins, Gabby Lynch, Terry Maughon,Doctor Richard Strang, Roby Phillipi, Mike Farmer and Ray Stout.

The, November 10, 2012:  Johnson County:  The Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Chapter – $100,000 for the Doe Mountain Recreation Area Master Plan, including a blueprint for complementary tourist development and water resources protection.