Published: November 30, 2012 Updated: 11/30/12 7:11 AM

Doe Mountain Trails Plant (flora) Highlights

American Chestnut (Castanea dentata)

Although the original species does not become greater than a few feet tall before it dies back (due to the chestnut blight), it remains one of the most persistent and beautiful trees in our area. Recent efforts have fused the American Chestnut with a Chinese Chestnut species in order to make the tree blight resistant.

        Blackberry (Rubus L.)


A common edible fruit on Doe Mountain and high in antioxidants.

Black Raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.)


Similar to the blackberry, but it has a somewhat different structure and flavor.

Dewberry (Rubus trivialis)


Related to the blackberry, but it crawls along the ground as a vine.

Eastern Hemlock


This evergreen tree with its beautiful green foliage, so characteristic of the Appalachian Mountains, is also being slowly exterminated by a foreign species of bug called the wooly adelgid. Effective strategies are still in development to stop the spread of these detrimental bugs.


A hemlock twig that has been invaded by wooly adelgids.

Huckleberry (Gaylussacia Kunth)


Small, wild version of a blueberry. These shrubs grow low to the ground and produce moderate amounts of blue berries in early to mid June (flowers in May).