Published: November 29, 2012 Updated: 11/30/12 7:11 AM

Doe Mountain Trail Highlights

Doe Mountain Trail Highlights

Chimney Rock at the southern end of the Doe Mountain Trails is a natural formation of monolithic rock faces that jut into the sky from a high ridge. There is a series of these “chimneys,” from which there are some amazing views.

The Doe Fire Tower on the northern end of the Doe Mountain Trails is a former Forest Service fire tower left from the time when the mountain was a Wild Life Management Area. From the top of the fire tower, there is an incredible 360 degree view from which can be seen the Doe Valley area (including the Northeast Correctional Complex and Doe Elementary School), Watauga Lake, the Mountain City Airport, the Neva area, Grandfather Mountain, and more.







Old Doe Mountain Trails Fire Tower Cabin

Back in the depression era, another fire toweralso existed on the southern end of the Doe Mountain Trails. Even to this day, there remains an old forest service log cabin on the site.